Internet and Computer Law
Glusman & Co provides up-to-date legal advice in the fields of Internet Law and Computer Law. We provide our clients, who range from first-time entrepreneurs and start-up companies to established companies, with guidance and advice in all matters relating to these fields, including:
  • Day-to-day guidance and advice on all issues relevant to establishing and maintaining an Internet website, such as agreements with designers and programmers; the purchase of domain names; drafting the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimers; implications of Anti-Spam Laws; Privacy Laws; and registration and management of databases.
  • Advice to E-Commerce websites on issues related to Consumer Protection Laws and various aspects of information security.
  • Protection of IP rights of website owners with emphasis on the unique aspects of Internet Law.
  • Drafting various Internet related agreements such as agreements for collaborations between website owners; agreements for the promotion of Internet websites (SEO), agreements with different suppliers in the Internet field.
  • Handling litigation in the fields of Internet and Computer Law, including Privacy Protection, Anti-Spam, Consumer Protection and IP related  cases.

Internet Law and Computer Law are dynamic and evolving fields that require expertise, experience and professionalism combined with technological knowledge and understanding.

The substantial experience Glusman & Co has obtained in these fields, coupled with the firm's experience in the related field of IP Law, gives Glusman & Co the ability to effectively respond to the changing needs of our clients in the fields of Internet and Computer Law.