A different Lesson - "Shiur Acher"

Our firm is proud to take part in a volunteer program headed by the "Shiur Acher" ("A Different Lesson") Association.

"Shiur Acher" aims to minimize social gaps by promoting the involvement of citizens in the educational system and by bridging between professionals in a variety of fields and children in underprivileged areas who are not always exposed, on a day-to-day basis, to adults with academic and professional backgrounds.

Our firm accompanies a sixth grade class in an elementary school in Tel Aviv, and volunteers from the firm teach weekly lessons on various legal topics relevant to children. As part of the program, the students visited our offices and saw first-hand a "day in the life of a lawyer", and also toured the Tel Aviv District Court, accompanied by attorneys from the firm, meeting with a district court judge in her chambers.

As the highlight of the program, the children perform a moot court case, acting as lawyers, witnesses and judges in a case involving matters of intellectual property and trade secrets.

Link to "Shiur Acher"'s website:      www.shiuracher.org