Labor Law

Our dynamic labor law department provides up-to-date advice on all aspects related to labor and employment laws to both employers and employees. Our services include, inter alia:

  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Legal opinions and advice with respect to hiring, ongoing employment matters, separation, women's labor, sexual harassment, discrimination, privacy etc. 
  • Providing day-to-day support to HR managers
  • Advising on employment aspects of M&A transactions
  • Litigation and representation in Labor Courts and ADR procedures
  • Drafting agreements with independent contractors, consultants etc.
  • Advising on confidentiality, non-competition, protection of trade secrets and Intellectual Property rights
  • Advising employers and employees on collective bargaining relationships
  • Drafting option plans and complex benefit plans
  • Advising to executives on complex benefit and option plans
  • Advising foreign companies with operations in Israel
  • Advising both employers and employees on relocation to and from Israel

Dealing with the dynamic field of labor law requires expertise and experience, as well as understanding the complexity and sensitivity involved in labor relations. Our labor law team provides high quality services, ensuring that clients are always updated with new laws, regulations and case law. Our responsive team is always available for providing immediate assistance in urgent matters.  

Our diverse clientele includes local and international employers from various industries as well as employees from various sectors.

The firm's labor law department regularly circulates legal updates to its clients and its members also participate in professional seminars and conferences as lecturers.