Our Firm prepared a Survey on PPP Infrastructure Projects in Israel for European Investment Bank

Our firm, led by Adv. Meny Broid, has recently conducted an overall survey on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Infrastructure Projects in Israel. The survey was written for one of the biggest and most respected law firm in UK, which, alongside our firm, was chosen for the preparation of a thorough survey for the European Investment Bank (EIB) of nine Middle Eastern countries. The EIB promotes the European Union's targets by financing and investing in projects worldwide.

This survey treated various issues in the PPP field, including, among others, the presentation of the Israeli legal system and government structure; the legislation which is the basis of infrastructure projects and infrastructure projects executed in cooperation with the private sector; Israeli Tender Law; PPP agreements' conditions and risks; Israeli Labor Law; Israeli Real Estate Law; projects financing and business in Israel via Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV); examination of projects which were previously established, projects that are currently in the midst of their establishment process and future projects.

Throughout the survey, we have pointed structural problems in the existing method and offered ways to cope with current difficulties, as well as our suggestions for future improvements.

In order to execute a practical and well adjusted survey, we have conducted several working meetings with several key players in the Israeli PPP field, who represents different sectors and functions in the PPP field in Israel, 2010. By doing that, we have tried – and succeeded – in constituting a document that offers more than a mere legal survey for a client that is also interested in understanding how things "actually work" and the power relations between government offices, planning committees, tender committees, municipalities, concessionaires and contractors.

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